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  • EJCA Casino Dates - needs volunteers
  • Argyll Babysitting Registry
  • LOST and Found
  • Ukulele Ladies & Gentlemen Music
  • The Jammers
  • Yoga Continues

  • EJCA Casino Dates

    Seeking Volunteers

    The EJCA casino fundraiser will be held at Casino Edmonton (7055 Argyll Road), the same location as previous casinos. The date is October 18-19 (Tuesday-Wednesday).

    Their last casino was August 2019, which was 3 years ago. Casino funds are a major source of revenue needed to keep both the EJCA and Argyll Centre operating. Please consider volunteering by clicking on the link below. All relevant information regarding open positions, duties, etc are on the sign up page. Once you sign up you should get a confirmation from Omar Amer (EJCA member). Some Argyll residents have already signed up, so they thank you.

    Sign up online here

    Argyll Babysitting Registry

    Chalk Artwork from Ellie

    Argyll now has a babysitting registry. Qualified local teens are ready to babysit kids within the neighbourhood. We are pleased to offer this service as a way for families & teens to connect. (We are not responsible for matchmaking or interviewing)

    A list of qualified sitters can be provided by sending an e-mail to: with your home and e-mail address.

    If you know of any other sitters seeking work, please e-mail their contact information so they could be added to the list.

    Lost and Found

    Chalk Artwork from Ellie

    In recent months, going back to last winter, there have been many more instances of personal items being left in the playground and garden area. Normally these are left in clearly visible places in the hope someone might return in search of them. These instances have increased to the extent that we feel some obligation to make it easier to return them to their owner(s).

    As we are unable to provide an actual space where people might search for a lost item, we recommend checking in with the Facility Manager either by phone or e-mail with a description of a lost item so that some arrangement might be made to return it. This doesn't mean all items are retrieved by the Manager, but it means you have some chance of checking to see if some kind person deposited it with the Manager.

    The office hours for our Manager are posted elsewhere on this web site for an in-person visit to retrieve some items. If you have lost something there is no guarantee it was delivered to the hall. But on the chance it might have been, you can e-mail the Manager or leave a phone message on the office number describing what was lost. Our Manager will follow up with you whenever they can, and make some arrangement for it to be picked up. It might either be left in the foyer to be picked up when some other groups are using the facility, or it might be possible to meet the manager at an appointed time to have it handed over.

    As with most things there will be a limit on how long items will be held. Legacy items will be disposed of after a couple of months in order not to accumulate items which may have been abandoned. If you think you want to check to see if something recently lost is being kept at the hall then phone 780-466-8166 and leave a message with the description and a way of contacting you to pick it up. The facility e-mail address is

    Ukulele Ladies & Gentlemen

    This program is run by an Argyll resident, Pat Murray

    Ukuladies and Gentlemen is a ukulele group who has adopted Argyll Community League as their 'home away from home'. The group started at Wellspring, a facility that offers support to cancer patients, their caregivers, and those grieving someone who has passed away from cancer. So we are all connected through one of those channels. When the pandemic hit in March 2020, Wellspring closed and before long we were looking for somewhere safe that we could still gather. I live in Argyll, so I suggested the parking lot near the BMX track, and in May 2020 we started meeting there. Brr! It was chilly! We were well spaced out, but still we had Peace Officers coming around telling us to move our chairs farther apart!

    Eventually we moved from the parking lot into Argyll Park, and continued meeting throughout the summer. As the fall came along that first winter, we went on hiatus. We started meeting up again in the spring, weather permitting. And so we carried on this way, meeting and going on hiatus as the various waves moved through. When the second fall came around, we wondered if it would be possible to meet up in Argyll Hall. I wrote to Dave Trautman, and Lo and Behold, we could, with the restrictions that AHS had in place at that time. We have been gathering in Argyll ever since.

    We get together every week either in Argyll Park, or in the Hall. We play, sing, and laugh a lot. For many of us, this band has been the thing that has helped us cope in these trying times - through cancer and also through Covid 19. We are very grateful to ACL and EJCA for making the Hall available to us!

    The Jammers

    Jammer Group playing in the hall together

    All musicians (at any level of skill) are invited to spend a little time together playing songs and keeping time each week. They meet on Thursdays from Noon until 3:00 PM in the main hall of the Argyll Community Centre. They welcome any instrument you are willing to jam with. Electric and Acoustic instruments are both welcome. Singing on key is optional :-)

    If you want to sit-in on what they get up to each week, contact Ken by phone and get the details for their next jam. You can come and sing, play along or just relax and enjoy the music. Call Ken 780.466.8127 for more information. There is a $2.00 fee for use of the hall.

    Argyll YOGA

    Yoga for Strength, Alignment and Flexibility

    Argyll Yoga each Wednesday from 5:30-6:45.
    Cost$120 for 13-weeks.
    Drop-ins are welcome, if space allows. $15 per visit,

    Hatha yoga poses and flow sequences help improve your postural alignment, mobilize your joints, stretch all the major muscle groups and build strength. We will endeavor to start easy and build gradually.

    To register or with questions, call/text Renee at 780.903.1911

    We limit the class to 12 students. Contact Renee if you are planning to register. Also be sure to let her know if you have a recent injury or some physical limitations.

    Where can I sign up for e-mail notices of your social events?

    Our mailing address is:
    Argyll CL Social Events
    6750 88 Street
    Edmonton, AB T6E 5H6

    Or you can sign up for our e-mail news service where you get notices into your inbox electronically.

    Chalk Art courtesy Ella Raudebaugh (2022)

    There is more local information on our Contact page.

    Our address is:

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