Community Membership

…as of Friday, June 22, 2018

By this time every resident of Argyll should have received a Family Membership card in their mailbox. Instructions for the use of the card as well as how to fill out the details was included with the card. These are official EFCL cards which are similar to all other Community League Member Cards issued across the city. Keep your family membership card in a safe place.

If you are having any difficulties using your new family membership card at any City facility, Lynn Ferguson would like to hear from you. She can be reached at 780.496.5926

All residents of the Argyll neighbourhood are automatically members of the Argyll Community League and are not required to pay a membership fee.

City Recreation Facilities may require proof of community league membership. If you have questions about your Family Membership card contact Dave Trautman directly by phone (780.463.9310) and he will answer them.

All residents of Argyll automatically qualify for voting at our Annual General Meeting and for any other public meetings held for Argyll Community League. You can use your membership card during the meeting votes.

Image of the 2018 Member Card

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