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Your Family Membership Card is delivered to your mailbox in late May each year.
It comes with an Argyll Brochure explaining it's use.

If you are having any difficulties using your current Family Membership card at any City facilities, Our NRC would like to hear from you. Rebecca Henuset can be reached at 780.496.5926.

All residents of Argyll are automatically members of Argyll Community League and are not required to pay a league membership fee.

All residents of Argyll automatically qualify to vote at our Annual General Meeting each year, and for any other public meetings held for Argyll Community League.

City Recreation Facilities may require proof of community league membership. Argyll Community has membership cards are available for any families wishing to use them. Contact Dave Trautman directly by phone (780.966.9310) and he will provide you with a membership card for admission at designated City Attractions, to get special rates for City programs, and for free Saturday swimming at our assigned Swimming Pool.

View of concert on Community Day 2023

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