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…as of Thursday, June 22, 2023

Events in Argyll Sports Park

There is a Google Sheets document hosted by the City's Community Services branch where you can see all the events which are planned to be held in and around Argyll Sports Park. There you can find events which may have some impact on the neighbourhood. This list is a compilation of all the requests for events from each of the groups who use the sports park regularly. It also includes some events and organizations who will be using the area nearest the Community Center. Festivals, Community Day, and other outdoor events are listed. So, if you are wondering what's going to be happening in the district park on any given weekday or weekend, you can consult this list.

Obviously the public can't make changes, add events, or do anything with the list except read it. But the City hopes this allows all the various users of the park to know what other events will be happening when they start planning their own event(s).

Events List

If you have any questions or concerns about upcoming events you can talk with Dave Trautman 780.966.9310 or send him an e-mail —

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