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…as of Sunday, October 22, 2017

  • Monday Night Yoga continues
  • Skating rink - update
  • Snow Angels program
  • Playground Construction underway
  • Parent & Tot PlayGroup
  • Day Home in Argyll

    Commonwealth Pool
    The Aquatic Centre shutdown has been extended until early December due to unexpected work in the ceiling that must be completed before reopening.

    Look for details on our EVENTS page.

    Argyll YOGA Fall classes

    Argyll Community is pleased to be able to present this Hatha Yoga Programme to both residents and the general public. Classes are held in the lounge area of the hall each Monday evening from 7:30 — 9:00 PM.

    This is Hatha Yoga with a focus on alignment, core stability and awareness of body and breath. Our instructor is Renee Giammarioli (an Argyll resident) who is a Yoga Association of Alberta Certified Yoga Instructor and is also a physiotherapist.

    This fall Argyll is offering a 12 week session which started September 11. Cost for registration is $100.00 for 12 classes. Drop-in rates are $10.00 per class for Argyll residents, $12.00 for non-residents.

    We limit the class to 12 students. Contact Renee if you are planning to register. Also be sure to let her know if you have a recent injury or some physical limitations. You can call Renee at 780.903.1911. We also offer an 8-week class in the new year and another in spring.

    Skating Rink — UPDATE

    Image of the snowbank skating rink at Argyll Hall

    Each year we attempt to flood a portion of the grass west of the playground for young people to learn to skate. It is not a large rink, but it has been successful whenever the weather cooperates. In very cold weather it is not worth skating on, but in more moderate weather (near minus 5 degrees) it is a nice place to teach first time skaters how to balance and turn.

    This year's rink will have some issues regarding the construction area for the playground. It is still hoped the majority of the work on the playground will be completed by November and the area of grass we usually use will be ready for us to make a rink. It is also possible the playground will be open and playable through the winter. Should the weather cooperate and the installation be completed then we will attempt to make a rink. It circumstances change to the point where we cannot reasonably do a rink, then we will not have one for this year.

    Check back to this page for details on the rink's progress as well as an announcement about opening it for skating. Each year is different. Some years we have a cold spell which allows us to make good progress toward a rink and then it is followed by a warm spell which melts all our work. We're hoping this year things will go our way and the flooding will be quick, the weather will be good for skating, and there will be plenty of time to clear the snow after each snowfall. Caution should be observed as this is an unsupervised rink.

    Anyone wishing to help out with the rink can leave your name with Scott at the hall (780.466.8166) and Dave will get back to you about your availability.

    Snow Angels Program

    A snowman image from a park in the Argyll neighbourhood

    Snow Angels is a broad, community based education campaign about snow removal which supports citizens who shovel regularly and those who help a neighbour out. Community Leagues who participate in the program will help promote and recognize people who shovel on a regular basis, as well as those who help neighbors in need. Argyll Community League has signed up to participate in the program. Participation in the Snow Angels programme will include prizes as well as recognition by the community.

    The 'snow season' in terms of programming starts November 15. As part of a very large collective team with many moving parts, it is important to designate a start date so panic doesn't ensue if there is an early snow fall. Stay tuned to this page through the winter for announcements about winners and the names of some "angels" in our neighbourhood.

    If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact Karey Steil directly at: 780.414.8776 (office) or 780.983.5420 (mobile).

    Construction underway for new Playground

    The delays of summer are over. Most residents who use the playground have noticed a construction fence has been installed. Construction on the playground began September 11th. It will carry on (with good weather we hope) until the end of October. After construction is completed there will still be some areas which remain fenced off to protect the sod and new trees. We expect to be cutting a ribbon on the playground at our annual summer family BBQ.

    The design of the playground was finalized some time ago and we'd like to share two images of the way it will look when spring comes around again. A large diagram is also available as a PDF for those who like to see the details really close up.

    Diagram of the entire area with new trees and a cycle path
    Deisgn of the apparatus to be installed

    The top image shows how the playground fits into the park area and expands to the West with a bike path and more trees. It also shows how the playground will be more integrated into the front garden and the side of the building. The bottom image is a 'rendering' of all the apparatus which will be installed into the play area. I believe the view is looking Southeast with the Gazebo at the right corner of the image - past the slides. The lower-left portion of the image is near the community hall.

    Parent & Tot Playgroup

    Our Parent & Tot Playgroup operates out of the community hall. The group use the lounge area of the hall on the last Friday of each month from 10:00 AM – 12:00 Noon. The program is for parents/caregivers and their young children ages 0-5 to drop by and make friends with other families in Argyll as well as have fun. This is a free service for community residents and we ask you to bring your own snacks and beverages.

    Day Home service available in Argyll

    When children are engaged, safe and happy, and exposed to age appropriate toys, some redirection and positive discipline, they get to learn at their own pace. A day home has been operating in Argyll for a little while now and it was brought to our attention recently. If anyone in Argyll has been thinking of utilizing a day home service for their young children they might want to contact the person operating this home and see if there is room for their child.

    They provide nutritious food and flexible planning with an emphasis on outdoor play. The children are encouraged to dance, sing and laugh. This is a fully Registered and Accredited Alberta Family Day Home in a large, bright, clean home with a fenced yard near schools, buses, playgrounds, green spaces and our ravine.

    As an Approved Day Home with 20 years experience, training is kept current as well as Police Record Checks and Vulnerable Section Checks. An Alberta government subsidy is also available. They prefer children attend full time but will also take Before School and After School Care children. Past and present references are available immediately.

    Contact Linda at or call 780.431.0036 with questions. You can also get a second opinion from Southgate Medallion Family Day Home Agency (780.438.4012) and ask about Linda's Day Home in Argyll.

    The Jammers

    Jammer Group playing in the hall together

    Each week a group of musicians spend a little time together playing songs and keeping time. They meet on Thursdays in the main hall of the Argyll Community Centre. They welcome any instrument you are willing to jam with. Electric and Acoustic instruments are both welcome.

    If you want to sit-in on what they get up to each week, then contact Ken by phone and get the details for their next jam. You can come and sing, play along or just relax and enjoy the music and people. Call Ken 780.466.8127 for more information.

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