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  • Argyll Annual General Meeting
  • Indoor Family Swimming RETURNS
  • Argyll Community League — Annual General Meeting

    Everyone who is a resident of Argyll is eligible to vote at this meeting

    Each year, around this time, the League holds its annual general meeting to review the past year, elect our executive group, bring forward issues from residents, and plan for the next year. These meetings are not very long as we do not operate a lot of programs, and we have a small membership. This is an opportunity for any homeowner or tenant resident, to voice a concern or ask for help from the community league.

    Chalk drawing by Basil & Hugo Orser

    Wednesday, September 27th at 7:00 PM
    Argyll Community Hall
    6750 88 Street NW

    The meetings are held in the community hall (with proper distancing and protective masking provided) where we make decisions about budgets, grant applications, and hear reports about our financial status as well as our projects.

    Our meeting is also an opportunity to visit with your neighbours, learn what's going to be happening in the future, and get some background on what the City is planning for our district. We don't hold regular meetings throughout the year so this is the best opportunity for you to find out whether you like what is going on or if you would like to make a contribution to operating our neighbourhood.

    We would really like to see you there.

    Community League Family Swimming


    Summer Maintenance Closure has ended

    Commonwealth Recreation Centre has completed maintenance on their pool. This means we will be able to swim there for this winter.

    Commonwealth Community Recreation Centre and the Eastglen Leisure Centre are both venues for our Community Swimming this year. Eastglen Pool is more of a traditional pool with swimming lanes and less in the way of play areas. Each Saturday, from 3:00:PM – 5:00:PM, members of Argyll community can swim in those pools. These bookings will continue each Saturday until August 27, 2022.

    Photo of Commonwealth Recreation Centre by Tom Arban

    This is a free swimming opportunity for Argyll families to have a regular 2 hour period of pool use exclusively for Community League Members. Of course, you must present your membership card to the pool staff for entry. There will be some health restrictions posted and the usual behavioral rules will apply for being in the pool area. There may also be restrictions about what you can bring with you, where you will store your clothing, and how you enter or leave the pool area. If you contact the venue in advance they can explain all of the restrictions and changes.

    Argyll Community League is pleased to be able to offer this to our residents and families and we hope it is useful to you through the winter and into summer. Use of the pool does not include access to any other leisure facilities within these locations.

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    Chalk Art courtesy Basil & Hugo Orser (2023)

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