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    Summer Maintenance Closure

    Commonwealth Recreation Centre will be conducting maintenance on their pool this summer between July 03 – August 31. This means you won't be able to swim there for about two months this summer. We have been moved to Bonnie Doon Pool for the duration beginning with July 03 and will likely resume swimming at Commonwealth Pool in September.

    Of course, Summer Swimming will be getting underway fairly soon, so you will have that option for other swim times, but the free swimming will only be available at Bonnie Doon.

    Photo of Commonwealth Recreation Centre by Tom Arban

    This is a free swimming opportunity for Argyll families to have a regular 2 hour period of pool use exclusively for Community League Members. Of course, you must present your membership card to the pool staff for entry. There will be some health restrictions posted and the usual behavioral rules will apply for being in the pool area. There may also be restrictions about what you can bring with you, where you will store your clothing, and how you enter or leave the pool area. If you contact the venue in advance they can explain all of the restrictions and changes.

    Argyll Community League is pleased to be able to offer this to our residents and families and we hope it is useful to you through the winter and into summer. Use of the pool does not include access to any other leisure facilities within these locations.

    ARGYLL Summer Planning continues

    Argyll Events for the summer are planned and will be widely announced later this month so you can put them into your family calendar.

    The first event will be the Spring BBQ on the afternoon of Sunday, June 04. We are working on holding another Community League Day Music Concert for Saturday September 17. A Games Night is in the works again at the hall in November.

    Event details and times will appear here once they are finalized. These events are open to all residents of Argyll and do not require a membership card to attend. We are really looking forward to seeing everyone and their families again. Watch our Facebook page and our community newspaper for more as we get ready for summer.

    The word from EJCA is that their Summer Festival event will go ahead this year for some time in July. Look for an announcement of the date and times here and elsewhere.

    If you want to help out you could attend the Social Committee meeting in the centre on Monday, April 17 from 7:30 – 9:30 PM.

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