…as of Tuesday June 30, 2020

  • Outdoor Swimming
  • Indoor Family Swimming
  • Outdoor Family Swimming

    No summer swimming at outdoor pools

    Community League Family Swimming

    There will be no community swim bookings this summer.

    Photo of Commonwealth Recreation Centre by Tom Arban

    The City has announced they are not reopening recreation centres for community swimming.

    The following facilities and areas in some facilities will open:

    Booking a time to visit a fitness centre will be required prior to all visits. Coming to a recreation centre will be a different experience requiring safety measures and guidelines to protect the health and safety of you and their staff. In the coming days, the City will provide more information about what they can expect and what you must do when you go into these facilities.

    Current memberships (for specific programs) have been paused since March 11. Members have the option of reactivating their memberships or keeping them paused.

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