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  • Argyll Community's Annual General Meeting

    September 26th — 7:00 PM

    Our annual meeting will be held in the Lounge Area of the community center. Anyone wishing to bring forward a concern or discuss an issue can attend. An agenda will be circulated at the meeting but items can be added at the start. All residents of Argyll are voting members of the community league.

    Community League Family Swimming

    Indoor Pool Schedule

    Photo of Commonwealth Recreation Centre by Tom Arban

    Commonwealth Pool was chosen last year when the Millwoods Pool was closed for renovations (shortly after we were booked into it) and we went to Millwoods because Bonnie Doon Pool was closed for an extended period of time (a pool we have used for a few decades) so our record is 3 for 3 in shutting down pools we book into. We will stay with this facility unless the membership wish to move to another pool.

    Show your new Community League Family Membership Card when you visit any pool in summer or winter.

    Community Swim Schedule
    Commonwealth Pool11000 Stadium Road
    Saturdays5:00 PM7:00 PM
    Start Date:December 02, 2017
    End Date:September 01, 2018

    Argyll Soccer Fun

    This program is operated by local parent volunteers

    A parent-run weekly soccer night for 3 – 6 year-olds. Come encourage your kids to get moving in a fun, casual environment and meet other local families.

    When: Thursday evenings, 6:00 -7:00 PM, weather permitting.
    Where: North side of the Argyll Community Hall (grass between the hall & velodrome parking lot)
    What to bring: A soccer ball (if you have one) and running shoes for your child.

    We are fortunate to have several parents with training in physical literacy who will be guiding the kids. The goal is to build confidence and improve physical movement.

    If interested & for more info, contact Erin by e-mail

    Fruits of Sherbrooke

    A tree loaded with green apples

    This is a small not-for-profit group in Edmonton with a mission to "rescue" forgotten or unused urban fruit. They are community-based and were started in the neighbourhood of Sherbrooke – thus the name – and they have grown large enough to rent the Westmount Community League kitchen to do their work. They process the fruit into preserves and jams, which are for sale.

    During the winter months the organization often sells the product of their work at the City Market in downtown Edmonton. You can support their efforts by seeking them out and buying some of the great preserves they created. The City Market is Edmonton's original year-round market. Visit the Fruits of Sherbrooke web site for other retailers who are carrying their products.

    They are looking for residents to donate excess fruit from their gardens in 2018. They teach courses on making traditional cooked jams as well as freezer jams and these are offered on a regular basis out of their Westmount kitchen operation. They are also keenly interested in any volunteer time people can spare to help them with their efforts.

    If you are interested in learning more about Fruits of Sherbrooke, go to their website www.fruitsofsherbrooke.ca and check out their Blog entries as well as the many successes they had in 2017.

    Women's Karate in the Argyll Hall

    Fitness and Self-Defense: All-Women's Karate Class

    The Edmonton Women's Gojukai Karate Club provides a traditional style of authentic, Okinawan Karate. Each woman learns at her own pace in a non-competitive environment. Training is geared to encouraging self-defense and physical fitness, all in the spirit of camaraderie. This club is for ages from teen to adult.

    Sensei Dana Nawata is the founder and head instructor of The Edmonton Women's Gojukai Karate Club. She has studied karate since 1978 and holds a 4th degree black belt while training under the International Karatedo Gojukai Association (as established by Master Gogen Yamaguchi). She is a certified instructor with the International Karatedo Gojukai Association of Canada and a certified karate coach with the NCCPC. She also teaches self-defense courses at the University of Alberta.

    Classes are held on Tuesdays from 8:30 – 9:45 PM and Fridays from 7:30 – 9:30 PM at the Argyll Community Hall. For more information on the club, please visit Karateforwomen.ca or contact Sensei Nawata by phone at 780-803-2353 or by e-mail at dnawata@shaw.ca.

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