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In the list below we've assembled some of the key documents related to issues in our community. Many items date back more than five years.

We add and remove documents as they become more relevant or less relevant.

ACL Bylaws March 2020 [115 KB]
The Argyll Bylaws were approved by the Province in March of 2020. The revised document was presented and discussed at the 2018 AGM.

2010CSR-Velodrome Redevelopment Report [95 KB]
This is the report from Community Services Branch which was submitted on April 05, 2010. This PDF has been edited for clarification with respect to discrepancies in how the report characterized the Argyll Community League and it's endorsement of the proposed relocation option.

Judgment of Justice Shelley.pdf [107 KB]
This is the complete judgment as delivered to our Lawyer after the decision. It deals with each and every issue brought to the court, so it can be a little dry.

Argyll Sports Park Master Plan.pdf [274 KB]
This PDF describes the overall plan for improving the District Park area used for Baseball, Soccer, and Rugby (as well as casual users too) and responds to information Community Services Branch gathered through their public consultation process back in 2007.

Argyll Sports Park Consultation Report.pdf [100 KB]
This is a summary of the information Community Services Branch gathered from their September 2007 public meeting – where people like you and me filled out a couple of forms. Note how they count 'support' among those who put conditions down on their survey form. Our position is the CS branch needed to count these as either neutral or as 'not supporting' under the current design.

Preliminary Master Plan Feedback comments.pdf [66 KB]
The City of Edmonton's Community Services Branch statement regarding the redevelopment of Argyll Sports Park containing their rationale for supporting the project and for dealing with the Velodrome redevelopment.

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