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Argyll Sign at Gate
Monday |9:00 AM – 1:00 PM
Tuesday |9:00 AM – 1:00 PM
Wednesday |9:00 AM – 1:00 PM
Thursday |9:00 AM – 1:00 PM
Friday |9:00 AM – 1:00 PM
Saturday |By appointment
Sunday |By appointment

Booking the Community Hall

For Public bookings: Here are the Rental Rates for the Hall and Lounges.

A diagram of our building is available as a PDF. Before thinking about booking the facility you might want to see the size of the rooms, the layout and the various features of the building. The diagram includes square footage, room locations, and other amenities.

Bookings can be requested by phone at 780.466.8166 where you can leave a message describing your request. The facility manager will contact you at the number you leave and let you know about availability as well as costs. If the date you are asking for is available you will be required to meet with the Facility Manager to learn all the details of using the centre.

You can e-mail a request to book the Hall facilities using this address:  bookings — ALL bookings require confirmation in person when delivering a deposit for the rental and signing the Rental Contract.

Current Executive Board

President: Dave Trautman, 780.966.9310
e-mail: President

Secretary: Linda Strong-Watson, 780.466.4289
e-mail: Secretary

Treasurer: Dallas Raudebaugh, 780.469.1517
e-mail: Treasurer

Casino Coordinator: Anita Kelm, 780.918.0242
e-mail: Casino Coordinator

Director-at-large: Brian Stein
e-mail: Brian

Director-at-large: Corey Rutt, 780.983.1107
e-mail: Corey

Director-at-large: Don Watson, 780.466.4289
e-mail: Don

Improvement Committee Chairperson: John Henoch
e-mail: Chairperson

Social Committee Chairperson: Erin Raudebaugh
e-mail: Chairperson

Garden Committee Chairperson: Joanne Niederhaus
e-mail: Chairperson

Past-President: Michael Leedham, 780.469.3646
e-mail: Past President

Argyll Community League has a long tradition of involvement and support from our residents. We are always looking to our new residents for help with the community league. We hope to have a chance to see you at our events and Annual General Meeting. Many residents have served for a long time on the executive and with the gradual change of families in our area we encourage our new neighbours to continue the tradition.

City of Edmonton,
Neighbourhood Resource Coordinator (NRC)

Our region is serviced by a Neighbourhood Resource Coordinator (NRC) from the City of Edmonton. Her name is Rebecca Henuset. She can be contacted regarding any public recreational issues or in regard to programs run by her department. She has access to a lot of useful information. She can also deal with questions from residents about use of the parks by other groups such as; baseball, cycling, rugby, pet owners, BMX, orienteering, and model aircraft.

Rebecca Henuset can be reached at:  780.619.0154 and by e-mail.

Bookings for Argyll resident use

Residents are required to notify our Facility Manager well in advance of any bookings you would like to put onto the schedule for Hall Rentals. Residents receive a discounted price for rentals. Special events for residents are coordinated by our Events Committee and will appear on our NEWS and EVENTS pages showing the dates and time.

Annual General Meeting September 25 2024

Residents wishing to book the Hall facilities should call 780.466.8166 where you can leave a message describing your request.

Have a look at our photo gallery tour of the facility.

Night view of the gazebo in winter

If you wish to send us something you think the community (and the world at large) would be interested in you can submit it to this address.

Submit Web site features for our visitors.

Items of interest might be pictures of the neighbourhood and activities in and around Argyll. They might also be articles about life in Edmonton, or in this community, or notices of things you feel the residents here need to know about. You can also send us things you want to be added to the community newspaper, which is published 6 times a year.

Our website is primarily a source of information about Argyll Community League but we hope it grows into a community resource for information about things going on and items of interest to people who live in the area. A Map showing how to locate us on the nearby arterial roads can be downloaded and a PDF version suitable for printing is also available.

Our biography page contains a short history of the neighbourhood as well as some facts about our location here in the City of Edmonton. It also explains how the neighbourhood got its name.


Logo of the Edm. Fed. of Comm. Leagues Argyll Community League is a participant and supporter of the Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues.
For more details on the EFCL visit their website.

Logo of the Edmonton Sport Council Argyll Community League is a supporter of the Edmonton Sport Council. The ESC maintains a database of contacts for all Edmonton sport organizations and a database of sport facilities that can be accessed for free through their website.

seera_logo Argyll Community residents participate in programs organized by the North SEERA Hockey Society. If you have any questions call Gerald Kruhlak by phone 780.468.9148
or by e-mail:

Our address is:

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