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  • We are still looking for Casino Volunteers

    We have a date for our Casino. Details can be found on our EVENTS page.

    Want to go for a walk?

    Argyll is pleased to offer a Walking Club who meet on the last Wednesday of each month in front of the hall. All ages, abilities and even strollers are welcome. Please leave pets at home. Walks may vary but will often include the ravine. Walks will normally last about an hour.

    The next walk will be on July 31 at 6:30 PM

    There's no cost or registration required, just bring yourself and friends and join the group.

    Purple Air Monitor – Research Study

    Norah MacKendrick is an Associate Professor and Lead Investigator in an Air Quality Study from the Department of Sociology at Rutgers University in New Jersey. She is from Edmonton originally and staying through July.

    AirShed Sensor image

    The reason we are introducing her is because she is interested in our Air Quality Sensor on the roof of the community hall. We use a "Purple Air" sensor which was installed free of charge in 2019. Some in the neighbourhood have come to rely on the link to the monitor device to find out how serious the smoke situation has been in past summers. When it went offline recently I received some e-mail asking to look into it.

    Just so you know this is the link to the Purple Air Monitor at the hall.

    Their project website is here if you seek more information.

    Norah is wanting to do short interviews with any folks who rely on the sensor readings or pay attention to our local air quality. She is offering $25 gift certificates for volunteering your time. She is also happy to share more information about the study. If you wish to contact here she has given us a phone number. Send a text to Dave Trautman at 780.966.9310 and I will give you her contact number.

    This project has been reviewed and approved by the Rutgers Institutional Review Board (IRB), Pro2023001268.

    The Jammers

    Jammer Group playing in the hall together

    All musicians (at any level of skill) are invited to spend a little time together playing songs and keeping time each week. They meet on Thursdays from Noon until 3:00 PM in the main hall of the Argyll Community Centre. They welcome any instrument you are willing to jam with. Electric and Acoustic instruments are both welcome. Singing on key is optional :-)

    If you want to sit-in on what they get up to each week, contact Ken by phone and get the details for their next jam. You can come and sing, play along or just relax and enjoy the music. Call Ken 780.466.8127 for more information. There is a $2.00 fee for use of the hall.

    Triathlon Summer Camp for Kids

    District Park Calendar

    Where to see what's happening in Argyll Sports Park

    A graphic showing the menu listing with the Park List highlighted.

    There is a new menu item on our web pages which provides a link to a spreadsheet showing all the events which have been booked for Argyll Sports Park. If you've ever wondered what's going to happen in the park next week, or next month, click on the link provided to see the full list of events for the year. A deeper explanation is on the Park Events page you can get to by using our top menu.

    Where can I sign up for e-mail notices of your social events?

    Our mailing address is:
    Argyll CL Social Events
    6750 88 Street
    Edmonton, AB T6E 5H6

    Or you can sign up for our e-mail news service where you get notices into your inbox electronically.

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    There is more local information on our Contact page.

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