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…as of Saturday, May 23, 2020

  • Yoga on Tuesdays
  • Neighbours Drop in
  • The Jammers
  • Garbage Pick Up
  • All community activity is cancelled,
    and the hall is closed until further notice.

    A message from your community league

    Our community response to COVID-19

    Our community league has always been guided by the idea that we are all stronger when working together and we are more secure when aware of our neighbourhood. We believe knowing your neighbours is the best way to protect your property, share the benefits of living in our little corner of the city, as well as to celebrate the advantages we all enjoy. This idea is represented in all of our programming, event planning, and in support for residents as we work on behalf of every one of our homeowners and tenants.

    Recent events in the news have drawn me to consider the implications of a pandemic on each of us as we all try to prevent infection, protect family and friends, and look out for our children. I believe we also have an obligation to look out for each other. With something as difficult to control as a virus, for which we have no immunity, we all need to keep our neighbours in mind as we make preparations for unexpected limits to our freedom of movement, temporary school closure, work from home directives, or cancelation of events or programs across our city.

    Until this serious health crisis is overcome we all need to be mindful of how our own lives can benefit from the concern of our neighbour. We can look for opportunities to help others or monitor for those having difficulty coping with the situation. From something as simple as helping with property issues to something as serious as social isolation’s effects on our collective mental health, we all need to see each other as a source of support or comfort as we all, without exception, work through the crisis until things get better.

    At this time, while so many new issues are having their effect, we are all in a state of concern but not panic. Health experts in Alberta will have much more to tell us in the coming weeks and many sports and creative activities may be curtailed or halted in the month(s) ahead. I expect to see many more challenges being identified before the worst of it arrives.

    As your president I do not believe we are at a point of trying to organize any collective response to the situation, but it is not out of the question where authorities may ask us to take some action if the crisis deepens. What I am hoping to convey to everyone I can reach in our community, is to look outward from your home and see other families and individuals who may need assistance, or who might provide you with assistance regarding transportation, managing the weather (for those being isolated) who may need checking in on for their protection. If you know of anyone who is in the high risk category for contracting COVID-19, or know of anyone whose current health is compromised, I hope you make contact with them in the next few days to offer any assistance to them they might need. Sometimes just knowing there are people around us willing to help out is enough of a comfort to help people get through their troubles.

    If, in the near future, the City or Province issues a request for local community groups to provide formal assistance we will issue a notice regarding the nature of our task. I truly hope our health leadership can keep citizens safe while resolving the very serious care issues within the next month or so, but I’m also appealing to everyone in Argyll to look for an opportunity to check with the people you know in our neighbourhood as an important part of your preparations for securing everyone’s continued good health.

    UPDATE: Alberta Health Services has a constantly updated web site with details of measures being taken and recommendations for dealing with worried children or adults. I recommend having a bookmark of this site on your favourite browser and consult it daily for their evolving response. AHS

    UPDATE 2: Argyll is organizing a response team who can help residents with various tasks or needs. Watch for a card in your mailbox this weekend which you can use to text the team expressing your particular need. Volunteers are ready to help with shopping, appointments, property help, among other things. If you want to volunteer for the response team, just send an e-mail to: Argyll Social

    Dave Trautman
    Argyll Community League

    Argyll YOGA

    Classes are suspended until further notice!

    Yoga for Strength, Alignment and Flexibility

    Tuesdays 7:30 PM – 9:00 PM at Argyll Hall

    This programme is instructed by Renee Giammarioli, a Physiotherapist and YAA Certified Hatha yoga instructor. Renee blends both easy and challenging poses, flow sequences and mindfulness meditation practice into each class. The class is geared towards increasing your body awareness, stretching out chronically tight muscles, for improving postural alignment and increasing awareness of the breath. Core strength and overall body strengthening will also be challenged. Renee is skilled at adapting the yoga practice for people with an injury or limitation, using props and adaptations as required. Feel free to contact Renee at 780.903.1911 if you have any questions about the class.

    This winter/spring session will consist of (2) two 8-week registrations. Cost to register is $60 for 8 classes, or you can drop in for $10 per class – space permitting. The first class will be on Tuesday, January 07, and will end mid-May. There will be no class on February 18.

    We limit the class to 12 students. Contact Renee if you are planning to register. Also be sure to let her know if you have a recent injury or some physical limitations.

    Sundays with Neighbours – in the Playground

    A casual gathering of neighbours have been continuing their Sundays in the Park, 3:00 – 5:00 PM every Sunday. This is an informal time to drop by, knowing there will be other families hanging out there as well.

    There is no agenda or organized play. Just parents and kids getting familiar with each other.

    Who are "The Jammers"?

    Jammer Group playing in the hall together

    Each week a group of musicians spend a little time together playing songs and keeping time. They meet on Thursdays from Noon until 3:00 PM in the main hall of the Argyll Community Centre. They welcome any instrument you are willing to jam with. Electric and Acoustic instruments are both welcome.

    If you want to sit-in on what they get up to each week, then contact Ken by phone and get the details for their next jam. You can come and sing, play along or just relax and enjoy the music. Call Ken 780.466.8127 for more information. There is a $2.00 fee for use of the hall.

    An example of what the proper containers look like.

    Garbage Pick up

    The City of Edmonton Waste Management Branch is asking people to use the proper size of garbage container. Oversize garbage cans increase the risk of injury to waste collectors and are no longer being collected.

    Bylaw #13777 limits the size of a container to less than 100 litres.

    Where can I sign up for e-mail notices of your social events?

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